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7 Local Tattoo Artists Who Can Do Dreamy And Delicate Ink

Super subtle and pretty!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/curiouswiji, (RIGHT) Instagram/maansimbajon

It's not hard to see why delicate tattoos are so popular—they're subtle, easy on the eyes. Ready to get your own minimalist ink? Read on for the seven Filipino tattoo artists you can go to to get your delicate tatt done ASAP!

  1. Annie Concepcion


    How to contact: She's an artist at 55Tinta and her schedule is on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. To schedule an appointment, email or call at (02) 435 3383.

    Minimalist tattoos are mostly thin linework, which Annie has done a lot of! She's also a pro at doing script tattoos, so if you're planning to have your name or your favorite quote permanently etched on your skin, hit her up.

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  2. Maan Simbajon


    How to contact: You can catch her at either 55Tinta or Afrokush Studio. Or you can email her at or DM her on Instagram.

    The dainty flower ink looks so life-like! Maan def has the right skills and technique to draw really thin lines.

  3. Charm Pastrana


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    How to contact: Email her at or message her on Instagram. You can also head to Moth and Machines Tattoo Studio to see her. The catch? It's in Batangas City.

    Although Charm does watercolor tattoos more, she's also an expert at delicate lines and shading.

  4. Kat Lorenzana


    How to contact: You can email her at However, she is booked for the rest of the year. If you plan to get a tattoo by her, we recommend that you schedule your 2019 appointment RN.

    This 55Tinta artist may be known for her pretty watercolor ink, but she also has the ~*skillz*~ to blend watercolor + delicate linework for the perfect, pretty body tat! 

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  5. Wiji Lacsamana


    How to contact: Email her at

    Another artist who specializes in watercolor ink, but can also beautifully do subtle tattoos.

  6. Alyssa Balaoing


    How to contact: Email her at

    While Alyssa's designs are more on the complex side, she can still make the simplest tattoo look TDF.

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  7. Yary Young


    How to contact: DM her on Instagram to find out when she'll be in Manila (She's based in Cavite.), or contact Young Wild & Inked on Facebook to schedule an appointment.

    Still contemplating on what tattoo to get? How about light and delicate Roman numerals like this one?

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