Waxing Rules Every Girl Should Know By Heart

Ready, set, STRIIIIIPP!

1. Thou shall wax a week after your period.

There is no way in hell you should even consider getting waxed (whatever body part!) when you have your period, because your skin is a lot more sensitive during this time. Wait at least a week after your cycle before making an appointment to make the process (almost!) ouch-free.

2. Thou shall not take caffeine before getting a wax.

Skip the morning latte before heading to your waxing salon, because drinks like coffee and alcohol can make you more susceptible to pain.

3. Thou shall take a warm shower.

Warm water opens your skin's pores, so hair gets pulled out easier, faster. 

5. Thou shall pop a painkiller 45 minutes before the procedure.

Taking over-the-counter pills like Aspirin and Ibuprofen at least 45 minutes before the waxing helps lessen the crying, screaming, and the shaking. Bonus: They're both anti-inflammatory meds, and will reduce your skin's redness post-wax.

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6. Thou shall not shave in between appointments.

We know, we know: That tiny hair growing on your leg is really annoying, and you badly want to remove it. But shaving in between visits is counterproductive, and will only make your skin prickly. Patience, my friend.

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7. Thou shall consult with your waxing technician.

You have to treat your waxing lady like your BFF. You have to tell her everything: Whitening creams you use, and the topical retinoids you apply—because these products make your skin super sensitive. Retinoids are essentially exfoliators, so your skin becomes more fragile when you use them. Our suggestion? Skip your exfoliating treatments a week before a waxing appoinment to avoid irritating your skin.

8. Thou shall not exercise or have sex right after getting a brazilian.

Perspiration + your newly-waxed vagina ain't a perfect pairing. Sweat might aggravate your skin, making it prone to redness—or worse, mini-zits. AAAHHHHHH.

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9. Thou shall not wear super tight clothes.

Your skin needs time to breathe and recover after getting stripped. Stick to cotton panties after getting a brazilian; ditch leggings and jeans after a full leg wax; and opt for a sleeveless top post-armpit wax. 

10. Thou shall get it done regularly.

The more you do it, the more you're immune to the pain. So schedule an appointment every 3 weeks at these Cosmo-approved waxing salons. Befriend the waxing technicians—and stick to someone you're comfortable with. It's easier to keep coming back for appointments when you're at ease with the one doing the process.

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