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The Latest Technology In Tattoo Removal Is Here

And it can also give you glowing skin!

So you’re tired of (or regret) that tattoo you got when you were 17 with your then-boyfriend? We found the solution!

The game changer in tattoo removal technology, “Picosure,” has finally arrived in Manila. It uses the first picosecond laser in the world, meaning it makes tattoo removal one hundred times faster than traditional nanosecond lasers.

According to Dr. Janice Soriano of The Aivee Institute, “Picosecond lasers fire lasers at one trillionth of a second, breaking the pigments from the tattoo faster and thereby reducing the number of sessions needed to fully remove the tattoo.”

Of course, the number of sessions to fully get rid of your ink will depend on the size and color of the tattoo. We’re told that tattoos that are made of black or blue ink are the easiest to remove, and can be completely gone after two to three sessions of Picosure. If your tattoo is bigger and more intricate, you’ll need a few more sessions. Pretty cool, right?

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To get a better understanding of how it works, here’s a video: (Prepare to get your #mindblown!)

And here’s the best part: you don’t need a tattoo to experience the *~magic~* Picosure.

The Aivee Clinic also offers PicoGlow, a treatment that uses the same Picosure machine to address various skin issues like pigmentation, fine lines, acne scars, age spots, and dull skin. It is proven—and I myself can vouch for this—to give you glowing skin in under 15 minutes. Seriously!

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The treatment begins with an aesthetician cleansing and gently exfoliating your face. Topical anesthesia is then applied to protect the skin, and after a few *very numb* minutes, a pair of protective goggles is placed on the eyes, and the magic of Picosure happens. The results are really amazing, because your skin really does look dewy and luminous immediately after the treatment. “We’ve had patients who do PicoGlow a day before a big event, like a wedding or a party so they get that nice glowing feel and look for their important day,” said Dr. Soriano.

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So should you try these treatments? ABSOLUTELY. If you’re dying to get rid of that tattoo that your mom cried over, go try Picosure. And if you’re looking for a fast but very effective treatment for your dull and tired skin, get PicoGlow. Trust us, it will be worth it!

Picosure and PicoGlow are available at The Aivee Institute at the 2/F East Bldg, Forbestown Center, Burgos Circle, Fort or call 02-4033245/0917 521 0222.

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