This Doll Teaches Kids About The Importance Of Sunscreen

So have you applied your sunscreen today?

Remember when you were a kid and you hated it every time your mom tried to put sunblock on you? You thought it smelled funny and that it made all the sand stick to your skin. This was waaay before you knew how much damage the sun was actually making.

Seeing this problem, Nivea and FCB Brazil teamed up and found the easiest way to educate children about the important of sunscreen: toys!

Together, the two teams manufactured dolls that were made of UV-sensitive material. The dolls turned red when exposed to sunlight without sunscreen, just like human skin. Once the sunscreen is applied on the doll’s surface, it would revert to its normal color. Although that’s not exactly what happens IRL, we think it’s a fantastic way to at least show kids what happens.

Check out the video below:

So have you applied your sunscreen today?

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