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This Is The Right Way To Apply Your Eye Cream

Tap, tap, tap.

You've probably read loads of articles about the proper way to apply eye cream. Some say that massaging the area will promote blood circulation, leading to a brighter and softer under eye area, while some say that pressing the eye cream on will work best.

To set the record straight, Byrdie got in touch with dermatologist Dr. Jessica Weiser, who finally confirmed that the best way to do it is by tapping the product onto your skin. She also instructs to begin application at the inner corner, working your way outwards. Another important tip she gives is to always make sure to avoid getting product on the upper eyelid, because that can lead to various problems, including eyesight damage. Yikes. 

Remember: the skin on your under eye area is very thin and sensitive, so it’s important to treat it with care. Avoid tugging, pulling, and adding pressure to the area regularly. Finally, invest in a good eye cream that will suit your skin’s needs.

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