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15 Adventure-Themed Tattoos That Will Feed Your Wanderlust

Show off your passion for traveling through ink!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/saegeemtattoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/maansimbajon

Adventurous souls are always looking where to go next, or they already have so many fun travel stories to tell. If you're one of them, one of the best ways to commemorate your favorite or dream destination is by getting them inked. Keep scrolling for tattoo ideas that will feed your ~*wanderlust*~!

  1. This map outline will remind yourself to travel more!

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  2. Remember your favorite trip with a "passport stamp."

  3. Want to match with your favorite travel buddy? Try these globetrotter tattoos!

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  4. This colored variation is also adorable. The watercolor elements give this tatt a coloring book vibe!

  5. If you're a certified beach babe, this is for you!

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  6. But if you want something a little more low-key, try this palm tree.

  7. Or for something that's really minimal, this ocean wave outline is the way to go!

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  8. Another subtle-but-cute ink is this small paper airplane.

  9. Love stargazing with your S.O.? Add your fave constellation to make it a bit more personal.

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  10. This tattoo is for those who loooove travelingto the moon and back!

  11. If you're sentimental, have a picture of your favorite scenery inked.

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  12. Major heart eyes for this California-shaped sunset tattoo! 

  13. Your forearm has enough space to cater to these three circular tatts!

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  14. This ethereal ink will show off your love for all kinds of adventures, from the seas to outerspace!

  15. Just in case you needed a reminder that not all trips are here on Earthsome are ~out of this world~. ;)

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