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Will There Be A White Rabbit Candy Beauty Line Soon?

PHOTO: Twitter/yicaichina

We love White Rabbit candy so much. Its delicious, milky flavor instantly transports us back to our childhood. So when we found out that an entire beauty line inspired by our favorite childhood sweet could be in the works, we were totally psyched!

It all started with the White Rabbit lip balm, which was released in September 2018 in China. Maxam, the company that distributed the candy-inspired beauty product, thought that expanding the line should be in order.

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According to a tweet from Chinese news company Yicai, there will soon be White Rabbit perfume, lotion, and bath foam.

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Hopefully, there will be resellers who will help us Pinoys get our hands on these products. Personally, I have my eye on the White Rabbit perfume. I want to smell like candy sooo bad! We're still waiting for further details, so stay tuned! 

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