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Would You Put A Patch Of Tiny Needles On Your Skin?

Apparently, you should.

If researchers told you that putting on a patch of microneedles—yes NEEDLES—on your face is way more effective than your expensive collagen facial cream to battle wrinkles and stretch marks, would you do it?

Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have invented microneedle patches for faster and “more effective delivery of painkillers and collagen.”

We know what you’re thinking: WHY?

We're sorry for breaking it to you, but your collagen facial cream really isn't doing much. Researchers found that collagen molecules are too big, hence, they only stay on the outermost layer of the skin and cannot be thoroughly absorbed.

This is why scientists developed this technology of putting collagen and painkillers directly into the dermis layer of the skin via adhesive patches with tiny needles—600 micro-meters (.6mm) long.  

“When applied to the skin, the microneedles deliver the drug or collagen rapidly into the skin without any discomfort to the user,” according to NUS. As for the painkillers, these patches are supposedly the perfect way to give patients drugs in a non-invasive manner.


No news yet if this will ever be available in the market, but if it will be, we’ll be more than happy to try it out. Will you, CGs?

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