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8 Beauty Trends Sue Ramirez Is Always Wearing

She definitely knows what looks good on her. ;)
PHOTO: Instagram/sueannadoodles

Sue Ramirez is always switching up her look and we can't get enough of it! But, like every beauty lover, she has beauty trends she always goes back to. Want to know what they are? Keep scrolling for the hair + makeup looks we constantly see on the singer-actress.

  1. Red Lips

    Red lipstick is a classic. It's no wonder Sue wears it in various tones and finishes.

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  2. Hair Clips

    Ever since she got a pixie cut, she's been adorning her short 'do with pretty hair clips.

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  3. Sun-Kissed Blush

    AKA drunk blush! The makeup trend gives her complexion a youthful, healthy look.

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  4. Wine-Stained Lips

    Now we want to try this K-beauty trend, too!

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  5. Winged Eyeliner

    She loves to emphasize her big eyes with either a thick or thin wing.

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  6. Sleek Updo

    When Sue still had long tresses, her go-to casual updo was sleek, pulled-back hair. We're sure that once her hair grows back, she'll wear this super easy hairstyle again! 

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  7. Glossy Pouts

    You can't deny that ~lip gloss~ made Sue's lips appear plump and soft.

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  8. Nude Lips

    A swipe of nude lipstick always completes a barely-there makeup look. ;)

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