No awkward stages here!
When you're over your current hairstyle and want to change it up, usually you let it grow on its own, right? And once you have the desired length, that's when you cut it to get the style you
It's the easiest way to change up your look!
If your tresses barely touch your shoulders, they fall under the category of short hair. Congratulations-you're one of the few women who know what it's like to not have to pick long, icky strands from your shower
It's time for a major chop!
There's something satisfying about chopping off your long hair. You feel like a new person with shorter hair, ready to face a new chapter in your life. If you're looking into getting a major cut, here are our
THIS is how you grow out short hair!
We were 100 percent in awe when Sue Ramirez went to Jing Monis Salon to have her long locks transformed into a sharp pixie cut back in June 2018. Her hair has become longer since then, and she's been doing
Is there anything this girl can't pull off?
2018 is full of risky beauty trends. Colored lids are super hot-peach became the It color in the first half of 2018, and rosy-pink hues are currently dominating everyone's peepers in the latter half. And for the hair,
It's so easy!
You'd think that having an undercut would instantly put it under the wash-and-wear category, but nope! According to Maricar Reyes, when she doesn't style her short hair, "it's a little flat."How does she
Never run out of hairstyle ideas.
Do you know that "meh" feeling when you're getting ready to go out and you think of what you can do with your lewk? Well, don't worry.-it happens to everyone. We all get bored with our current
We investigate deeper into Maricar Reyes' super short hair.
I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to try a pixie cut. Just the thought of seeing a pile of my chopped hair on the floor of a salon already terrifies me. I also see it as
'Why did you cut your hair? Are you a lesbian?' Such a stupid question.
Sue Ramirez is tired of people asking why she decided to sport a pixie cut.The actress took to Twitter to air out some frustrations and debunk a common misconception. Many have gossiped that she cut her hair assuming that she is
Who says short hair is boring?
Sue Ramirez's pixie cut has made headlines, and our girl is surely having the time of her life styling her super short 'do! Take a look at our list below, and maybe you'll be inspired to get
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This girl looks good no matter what she does.
Gigi Hadid's long, blonde locks grant her the ultimate Cali girl vibe, but she trades her signature 'do for something really different. In her campaign for Stuart Weitzman, the model is seen wearing a pixie cut and she looks g-r-
Hair hacks for beginners!
While a pixie cut is a HUGE risk to take, as long as you know the right style for your face shape, you're gonna be more than okay. But if you're getting some pre-chop jitters, that's fine because ~*
If you're feeling hot, it's time to give your hair a drastic chop!
Yes, getting a pixie cut is a huge beauty risk. But it's something you might want to consider in this humid af weather, if not for style's sake. Imagine: You'll have less hairfall, you won't have to shop
Summer is definitely in the air.
Another day, another celebrity going short! First came Angel Locsin and then Erich Gonzales, with Sue Ramirez and Bea Alonzo following suit-now, it's Kaye Abad's turn. In case you need a refresher, here's the actress before the big
It's the shortest she's ever gone.
People cope with breakups differently, but if celebrities are any indication, cutting one's hair is a good way to do it. Just look at Katy Perry, who just debuted a rough and messy pixie cut days after her split from Orlando
And other hair concerns.
Chopping your hair off is not the easiest decision in the world.It is an emotional rollercoaster that involves looking at a gazillion Pinterest boards, and discussing cuts and colors with your officemates over lunch before you actually have the courage to
The Hollywood actress shocked the world with her edgy new hairstyle, and everyone from Liam Hemsworth to Ellen DeGeneres has weighed in. Are you a fan of the blonde crop? Vote in our poll!
You've voiced your opinions on Anne Hathaway's fluctuating figure and Emma Stone's auburn-to-blonde transformation. This time around, we want to know what you think of former child star Miley Cyrus's new cropped 'do. Miley, who broke
Do men really prefer women with long hair?'s Style & Beauty columnist tries to find out and divulges some hair secrets in the process.
Admit it, attention from hot guys is one of our major motivations for wanting to take good care of our hair. In particular, it's why most women love to wear their precious mane long and lush.Do all men only
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