10 Celebs And Their Famous Pets

So adorbs!

You know your favorite celeb has an equally famous pet if:

  1. You see a pic of them and their pet at least ONCE A WEEK on their Instagram feed.
  2. You (and millions of other people) know their pet’s name by heart.
  3. A list like this is being published.

Here are our celebrity-pet tandems!

1. Mogwai and Anne Curtis

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2. Olivia Benson and Taylor Swift

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3. Pwet Pwet and Angel Locsin

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4. Neech and Ian Somerhalder

5. Bambi, Norman, and Kylie Jenner

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6. Cloud and Kathryn Bernardo

7. Toulouse and Ariana Grande

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8. Daniel Matsunaga and his Alaskan Malamutes

9. Beaux, Bambi, and Coleen Garcia

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10. Eva and Hideo Muraoka

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