10 Celebs And Their Famous Pets

So adorbs!

You know your favorite celeb has an equally famous pet if:

  1. You see a pic of them and their pet at least ONCE A WEEK on their Instagram feed.
  2. You (and millions of other people) know their pet’s name by heart.
  3. A list like this is being published.

Here are our celebrity-pet tandems!

1. Mogwai and Anne Curtis

2. Olivia Benson and Taylor Swift

3. Pwet Pwet and Angel Locsin

4. Neech and Ian Somerhalder

5. Bambi, Norman, and Kylie Jenner

6. Cloud and Kathryn Bernardo

7. Toulouse and Ariana Grande

8. Daniel Matsunaga and his Alaskan Malamutes

9. Beaux, Bambi, and Coleen Garcia

10. Eva and Hideo Muraoka

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