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10 Reasons Why We Would Never Date Jamie Dornan

Like, ever.

1. His facial hair is so not sexy.
Imagine having to deal with all that scruff while making out with him. No thanks.

2. He looks like a terrible kisser.
Yup, he definitely cannot kiss to save his life. There’s no way we’re ever letting him bite our lips like this. Never.

3. He has zero sex appeal.
Yup, nothing to see here. Yawn. Oh, so he has piercing blue eyes? Who cares? NOBODY. NOBODY CARES ABOUT HIS EYES.

4. His body isn’t even that great.
Those sex cuts are doing nothing for us.

5. His accent? Yuck. That does not turn us on at all.
We can’t even understand what he’s saying.

6. He’s obviously a terrible dancer.
We're pretty sure he dropped her after the director said cut.

7. He never knows what to do with his hands.
That’s not what she meant when she asked you to give her a hand.


8. He’s way too emotional.
Gosh Dornan, get a grip. Sensitive guys are not attractive.

9. He clearly doesn’t know how to pleasure a woman.
Anatasia’s probably thinking, “Ugh, will you please just get away from me?”

10. He is ugly AF.
Seriously, not good looking at all. Kthanksbye!

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