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10 Ways Celebs Would Spend P100,000

Cosmo asked celebrities what they'd splurge on if they had a hundred grand. Know these stars' shopping spree plans!
Heart Evangelista
"Louis Vuitton store because it's my favorite!"

Marc Nelson
"I'd blow it all in Shoe Mart because they have everything! Or I'd probably get a plasma TV!"

Rovilson Fernandez
"Can I blow P50K at Fully Booked and P50K at Santi's Deli? I need lots of delectable cold cuts, cheese, and crackers to go with my books and magazines."

Raymond Gutierrez
"I'd go to Greyhound because they have nice-looking clothes, Adidas for my workout gear, and I'd pass by Bench for a pair of low-rise denims."

Bubbles Paraiso
"I'd definitely go to Zara. I love shopping there and what better way to spend P100K than on fab clothes?"

Bianca Valerio
"Honestly, P100K isn't much if I wanted designer items. So to make my buck go a really long way and because I'm a proud ukay-ukay shopaholic, I'd head straight to Baguio and hunt for a 'new' wardrobe to last at least a year or so."

Priscilla Meirelles
"I won't mind spending P100K at Rustan's because they have all my favorite brands of makeup, lingerie, clothes, shoes, and bags."

Kat Alano
"I would spend it in Rustan's because there are all kinds of nice things there!"

Champ Lui-Pio
"I'll go to a music store and buy myself a new guitar!"

Brent Javier
"I'd hit up Urban Outfitters because that store has a little bit of everything. It's the kind of lifestyle store with clothes, books, furniture, art, and other miscellaneous stuff."
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