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11 Things 'Riverdale' Fans Should Know About The Cast

They have a WhatsApp group!
PHOTO: Courtesy of Anna Dimerin

Getting to sit down and chat with the Riverdale cast is greatbut finding out all these tidbits about them is even better! Here are the many things any Riverdale fan would love to know:

  1. Cole Sprouse ships Bughead.

    "I do [ship Bughead]. You know, I like to see a young adult relationship with good communication and honesty." - Cole Sprouse

  2. KJ Apa and Charles Melton spent Thanksgiving with Cole!

    "For Thanksgiving, I just dragged him [KJ] out to New York, dragged Charles [Melton], and one of KJ's buddies out to New York and did a big Thanksgiving thing there." -Cole Sprouse
  3. Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart were instant BFFs.

    "I remember when I was flying to Vancouver, I was on the flight with Lili, and it was like an instant best friendship. Like, [we] just get along very well, we're both hermits, we like being at home a lot. We're very much [an] 'indoor' kind of people, so we lived together all of last season, and it was super fun." - Madelaine Petsch
  4. Madelaine turned to Luke Perry when she couldn't handle the online hate.

    "Luke has given me a lot of advice. He didn't deal with social media as much, but in the beginning, social media was really negative for me because people hated my character, and so I spent a lot of nights calling Luke and being like, 'What do I do? People really don't like my character." - Madelaine Petsch

  5. Madelaine has a favorite Cheryl line.

    "I think it was in season one when I say, 'Butt out closet monster' to Veronica. I just feel like it's so good." - Madelaine Petsch
  6. Lili Reinhart is neither Team Jughead nor Team Archie.

    "You know, Team Betty." - Lili Reinhart
  7. Their cast WhatsApp group isn't as active as it was before.

    "I feel like now at this point we understand the importance of being away from each other. We do our own thing more this season. I mean, we have twice as much time this season, twice as many episodes, so we're trying not to get sick of each other." - Lili Reinhart
  8. KJ taught the cast New Zealand terms.

    "Just 'keen.' He says 'keen' all the time. And 'legend.' He calls everyone a legend." - Lili Reinhart

  9. Camila Mendes thinks Veronica is a good girl.

    "I genuinely think Veronica is a good girl and that she, unfortunately, has role models in her life, aka her parents, that often go the bad route, and it's hard for her to navigate the side that she was raised with and the kind of person that she wants to be." - Camila Mendes
  10. Camila is sick of wearing Veronica's costumes.

    "It's kind of exhausting to wear the clothes that Veronica wears. Especially right after you have lunch and you're like, 'Great, I have to put on this outfit today.' No, I mean, I obviously love Veronica's clothing and it's kind of developed my own personal sense of style in a way because I see now what works on me and what I like and you're constantly evaluating that sort of thing. I love the way she dresses but I'm definitely, like, sometimes I'm just like, 'Can I just wear some pants? Or wear something a little looser?'" - Camila Mendes
  11. While on location in Vancouver, Canada, the cast loves going out.

    "There's kind of like a party all the time. 'Yeah let's do something, we're on vacation!' or 'We're not really home, we're not really working!' So yeah, there's a little bit of that. Also, this area of the world lends itself to some really exciting things. I mean, the nature is beautiful, and hiking, and skiing, and boating, then there are the restaurants that are not so bad as well." - Mark Consuelos
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Interview by Anna Dimerin and additional text by Jacinda A. Lopez.

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