5 Celebrities Who Left The City To Live The Beach Life

We'd pack our bags too, if we had the chance.
PHOTO: Instagram/andieigengirl

Imagine waking up to the waves and the warm sunlight. Now, imagine experiencing that every single day. Seriously, if we have the chance, we'd choose the relaxing beach life instead of living the fast-paced city grind.

Apparently, we're not alone in this wishful thinking. Some celebrities have already packed their bags and left their limelight (some temporarily, while others, for good), in exchange for a simpler life. Get to know who they are—and where to find them—below.

Sam Pinto

Sam is currently busy managing her very own resort, L'Sirene Boutique, in Baler, Aurora.

Andi Eigenmann

As of writing, Andi is at Siargao Island, making her #MermaidWanders dream come to life.

Mara Lopez

Here's another celeb who fell in love with Siargao's charm. Surf's up (and forever!), Mara!

Lauren Reid

This water baby turned her love for the sea into something profitable. Recently, she opened Sirena Spa Siargao, which, according to her, is her first business. Congrats, Lauren!

Rachel Peters

Aside from being a beauty queen, our Miss Universe Philippines 2017 is also one heck of a baking enthusiast. Rachel runs her coffee shop, Bake, which is located in Siargao Island.


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