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Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 4, 2018!
It's now known to many that Andi Eigenmann left her artista life behind and sold most, if not all, of her belongings to move to Baler, Aurora. Her new life was questioned by an Instagram user who claimed that she
At 28, Andi is done pretending and is finally living her authentic self.
It was at exactly 5:27 a.m. on a Saturday morning when Andi Eigenmann texted us that she needed to be taken to the hospital. She'd been in and out of sleep the night before because of serious back
We'd pack our bags too, if we had the chance.
Imagine waking up to the waves and the warm sunlight. Now, imagine experiencing that every single day. Seriously, if we have the chance, we'd choose the relaxing beach life instead of living the fast-paced city grind.Apparently, we'
She also revealed that she's now happily single.
According to a report on yesterday, June 29, Andi Eigenmann told the members of the press that she has been living a different kind of life in the municipality of Baler in Aurora-far from the glitz and glamour of
They’re living the dream.
Name: Camille PilarAge: 28Occupation: Writer; barista, El Union Coffee Current place of residence: San Juan, La UnionWhere did you live before moving to La Union, and what was your job then?I lived in an apartment in Kapitolyo, Pasig and worked at
Whether you're a rocker chick, a glam gal, or a preppy miss, you'll find inspiration for the outfit you'll ring in 2012 with from the Philippine Fashion Week runways.
Even if your closet is chock-full of basic shirts and jeans (most likely for practical reasons), you're still bound to be attracted to certain styles of clothes. Maybe you can't help but be drawn to frilly, lacy pieces while