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7 Minutes With David Gandy

How do you get through an interview with one of the world's hottest supermodels? We had less than 10 minutes.

International British supermodel David Gandy is finally here! The highest-paid male model, who's walked alongside Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell during the 2012 Summer Olympics, modeled for the SM Men's Fashion show on Thursday, October 24, at the SMX Convention Center. sat down with the hot hunk for seven minutes (we wish we had more time!) to talk about his style icons, his get-fit secrets, and what he tells people who say he's just another good-looking guy.

On his bucket list:

"It changes because opportunities open. But I'd like to do some creative directing for fashion and branding—maybe come up with my own fashion brand. Acting isn't something I want to pursue. Maybe if the right project came along, I'd jump into it, but it hasn't so far."

On his style icons:

"I go back to history, really. I look at Hollywood greats like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, and Prince Charles, who are immacutely dressed all the time."

On five things in his closet he can't live without:

"A suit, t-shirts, sunglasses, shoes, and watches."

On his favorite model moment:

"It still is the Light Blue ad from Dolce & Gabbana. It's a shoot that you dream of, and I haven't had anything as big as that. I've always wanted to work with the best creatives, and create something pretty astonishing. I was on a speedboat with Mario Testino at 6:00 a.m., and that was the first time I'd worked with him. I felt a little intimidated."

On misconcepcions about models:

"God, there's a like a million of them. People think we're not intelligent, but hopefully I prove them wrong with what I do."

On saying yes to SM:

"I'm very choosy with the brands I represent. When SM Men's Fashion approached us, I looked at their history. I saw that they worked with Sarah Jessica Parker last year. I like the fact that SM makes fashion accesible for everyone. And that's what I try to do. I write about fashion in Telegraph, Vogue, and GQ. That's how I try to make fashion for everyone.

"I'm wearing SM's trousers and t-shirt right now. I stole these from the shoot yesterday, and everyone seems to love these trousers."

On his fitness secret:


"I'm not built for running—not long distances. But  I have done a marathon, though. I get this question a lot, so I have the David Gandy Fitness app. It's all there."

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