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7 Movies For Hopeless Romantics To Watch This Christmas

'Tis the season to be kilig.

Love Actually

Set during Christmastime in London, this classic holiday movie weaves together 10 separate yet intertwining love stories that cover not just romantic love, but also love for family and for friends. 

Look out for: Before he became zombie-slaying Rick in The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln as “To Me You Are Perfect” Mark. Sigh.

The Holiday

Both fresh out of a failed romance, strangers Amanda and Iris go on a home exchange website and swap homes in the US and the UK over the holidays—a move that has them finding love in local men.

Look for: Jack Black killing it in a romantic role. Hey, that’s not something you see every day!

Bridget Jones's Diary 

As a New Year’s resolution, frustrated 32-year-old Bridget vows to improve her weight, her choice in men, and basically her life. This romantic comedy takes place over a year in Bridget’s life, in the span of two holiday seasons.

Look for: Rene Zellweger’s totes relatable portrayal of the lead character. (We feel your public humiliation struggles, girl.)


Sleepless in Seattle 

Sam, a lonely widower in Seattle, touchingly spills his feels about his deceased wife on a radio show on Christmas Eve, attracting hordes of ladies from across the country—including Annie, an engaged woman in Baltimore looking for a magical kind of love. 

Look for: The adorable son Jonah who takes matters into his own hands because he just wants his dad Sam to be happy again. Aww. 

While You Were Sleeping 

On Christmas day, Lucy, a ticket seller at a train station, saves Peter, a handsome commuter she’s been crushing on, from getting run over on the tracks. While he lies in a coma at the hospital, she is mistaken for his fiancée and ends up winning his family over.

Look for: Sandra Bullock doing what Sandra Bullock does best: being a rom-com queen.

Family Man 

Jack is living the life as a single, successful man in New York when, after a strange encounter on Christmas Eve, he wakes up in the suburbs married with two kids to his college girlfriend Kate, whom he hadn’t seen since he left her at the airport 13 years earlier. 

Look for: The luminous Tea Leoni as the haggard yet incredibly loving wife, Kate.

Recommended Videos


This is a classic missed connection tale: Jonathan and Sara meet while reaching for the same pair of gloves during the Christmas shopping rush, develop an instant attraction, and since they’re both in a relationship, leave it up to ~*fate*~ to bring them back together. 

Look for: The lovely soundtrack featuring songs by Annie Lennox, John Mayer, and more.

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