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8 Badass Quotes From Cosmo Cover Girls

'Cause there's no better day than today to be proud of our fellow Pinays!
PHOTO: Cosmopolitan Philippines

As we celebrate International Women's Day today, here's a roundup of the most badass things our recent Cosmo cover girls have said that make us DAMN PROUD TO BE A WOMAN.  

Ellen Adarna on sex:

"[The biggest misconception about me is that] I'm promiscuous. I'm very free-spirited. People think that I just give it to random guys, but it's something I only do with someone I have feelings for. When I date someone, sinasabi ko, if I'm drunk, we will not have sex. Only when we're sober. If you respect me, and want to date me, eto 'yung rules. If you're with me while I'm wasted, trial 'yun sa principles and judgment mo. And I don't wanna have sex on the first date."

Solenn Heussaff on love:

"I always tell girls who ask for relationship advice that they should find someone who lets them be themselves. Don't change who you are, and don't stop making your own decisions and having a mind of your own. Of course if you're married, you have to compromise on certain things, but if you're going to be with this one person for the rest of your life, you can't be together all the freaking time. No matter how much you love him, that's not healthy."

Kathryn Bernardo on taking on responsibility:

"When I make a decision, I think of the effect it could have on other people. If I do this, will it affect only me, or others as well? I don't want to hear people say that my opinion doesn't matter because I'm young and I don't know any better. When I made a decision, I want it to be clear that I put a lot of thought into it. Hindi 'yung trip ko lang."

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Sarah Lahbati on being a young mom:

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"Young mothers are surrounded by relatives, friends, classmates, who don't know what they're going through. Sometimes they don't understand the decisions you've made. If you let negative thoughts meddle with the way you take care of your children, then you're just setting yourself up for a bigger mess. Don't let other people's nonsense get to you."

Sarah Geronimo on finding power in fashion:

"Now when I perform, I make sure my look is connected to the message I want to convey. I make sure it suits the music, the lyrics, the choreography. Everything has to be coordinated. And the way I dress doesn't just complete the performance; to be honest it makes me feel better about myself. I guess that's why people say I transform when I'm onstage. I forget about my flaws and imperfections. Ibang klaseng confidence 'yung nagbibigay sa akin when I know I'm wearing the right outfit."

Jessy Mendiola on body love:

"It's more than what you look like and more than how people look at you. Body love is how you look at yourself.

I think that's one thing we need here in the Philippines: We have to open up to different types of sexy, to different types of beauty. Not everyone can be petite, not everyone can have a big butt, and not everyone can have boobs. But as long as you are sexy in your own way, as long as you are confident, you shouldn't give a flying fuck."

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Nadine Lustre on not being conservative:

"People were commenting na pa-conservative pa raw ako, tapos I'm wearing a bikini. Not once did I say that I was ever conservative. People can't separate me from the roles I play. That's the bad part about local showbiz. Fans get hooked on these characters. I'm not conservative. I never acted like I was. I don't want people to think na I'm pakawala, but I'm never going to be santa-santita. I'm not a saint."

Liza Soberano on being more than just a pretty face:

"When people say I'm pretty, I always wonder if I'm pretty lang. I don't like that feeling. I try my bestat acting, dancing. I work hard to be good at all those things so they can say that okay, she's pretty, but she's also talented."

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