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Have a Hot Holiday with Walter Demesa

We're ending the year with a bang as our Online Hunk reveals some steamy bedroom secrets he shared only with us!

Merry Christmas, Cosmo girls! Ready to unwrap your presents this year? We're giving you one last gift to add to your pile: our swoon-worthy December Online Hunk, Walter Demesa!

We had so much fun hanging out with Walter this month, and we're sure you did, too! From his impressive singing chops to his effortless charm, it's no surprise that his crush-meter is quickly on the rise.

Before we bid adieu to the 24-year-old hottie, here's the final leg of our interview with him where he candidly opens up about sex, settling down, and what he loves most about the holidays.

Check out our Q&A below and enjoy flipping through his gallery!

Now, let’s move on to a more intimate topic.


Do you have any fetishes?

"Wala yata. When you hear that word the first thing people usually think of is like, 'Whip me!' But for me, I don’t think I [have any fetishes]. Just be hygienic, that’s all."

What’s your wildest fantasy?

"It starts with a moonlit picnic in a beach in Thailand, and then…it happens. "

What are your thoughts on people who do the deed in public?

"Just don’t do it when kids are present; be slightly private about it. You don’t want the thing hanging around, right? And as long as you’re not hurting anyone, by all means, enjoy."

Lights on or off?

"A little bit of light. Mood lighting."

Where’s the most outrageous place you’ve done the deed?

"I don’t really want to say because my mom might be reading this. If she is... Mom, I’m sorry! Let’s just say in a car, in a parking lot somewhere."

What are your thoughts on one night stands?

"Again, just keep it healthy and safe. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, do it."

Would you say you’re a playboy or a one-woman kind of guy?

"I’m not [a playboy]. To be honest, I’m a giant geek."

What do you usually wear to bed?

"Boxers and a sando."

Where do you like being kissed the most?

"My neck. It’s a nice place."

What’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body?

"The dip in her lower back."

When do you see yourself settling down?

"My target date to get married is 32. As soon as I turn 32, I’m proposing!" (laughs)

When you do find a girl that you like, how do you try to get her? What’s your style?

"I think it’s pretty ordinary. You ask her out, you go to dinner. Just getting to know each other is the way to go for me. Is this true? I heard here in the Philippines you have to meet their parents and all that. In Canada, it’s not really like that. We don’t do that until way into the relationship."

How would you like to be seduced by a woman?

"Cook me a nice dinner."

How would you seduce a woman?

"Wine and dine."

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

"Naughty and nice. I think when you start doing crazy or wild things, you catch yourself and remind yourself that you  can’t do it, but your friends encourage you to do it anyway."

Winter wonderland or tropical Christmas?

"I love winter wonderland but I’m looking forward to a tropical Christmas here in the Philippines."

Who is your favorite actor?

"One of the coolest guys right now, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I mean Inception, come on!"

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you have a striking resemblance!

"I really don’t see it!"

Who pointed it out first?

"My uncle told me recently and a few others from the family. My sister jokingly said it, but right after she was like, 'No way!' because she has a giant crush on JGL."

What’s your favorite holiday destination?

"For Christmas, I need snow. This will be my first year I think that I won’t have snow. I love having snow and the cold. It’s like a comfort thing. I’ve associated it with Christmas for so long and I will definitely miss it this year."

What do you usually do during Christmas?

"Chirstmas is a huge thing for my family. We have the giant Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. We have the turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, ham, all of it. We have a lot of Filipino food as well. There’s a lot of eating and presents. It’s a lot of family time which is great."

Now that you’re in the Philippines, how are you going to celebrate Christmas?

"It’s going to be different. I’m going to miss my mom, dad, brother, and sister, and all my friends. But I have relatives here who I’m actually looking forward to spending Christmas with for the first time. They’ve become my family here."

If you could spend the day with anyone in the world, who would it be?

"My mom. Hi mom!"

What’s on top of your Christmas wishlist?

"I don’t know if it’s feasible, but I’d love to go on a snowboarding trip. Anywhere with snow, actually. Also a new iPhone. Last, I want my mom and dad to come to the Philippines."

Shot on location at Imperial Ice Bar, Bonifacio Global City. For event inquiries, contact 09209006481. For more info, visit Imperial's Facebook page.

Outfit: Polo, P499.75, Main Street by SM Department Store. Vest, P799.75, Uberto Duranti by SM Dept Store. Coat, P1,199.75, Markus by SM Dept Store. Pants, P699.75, V Jeans by SM Department Store. Tie, P300, shades, P449.75, both from 101 New York. Watch, Nixon, price available upon request. Suspenders, P505, Forever 21. Hat, P199.75, SM Accessories.

Interviewer: Gianna Banzon
Sittings Editor: Jillian Gatcheco
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Cats del Rosario

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