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Heating Things Up with Walter Demesa

Last week, we broke the ice by getting to know more about our December Online Hunk. This time, we'll let him melt our hearts.

Ready for more of Walter Demesa? We sure are! Last week we introduced you to the up-and-coming model and Cosmo bachelor whose uncanny resemblance to one Joseph Gordon-Levitt has put him on top of our Christmas wish lists.

Now that you know all the basic facts, it's time to dig a little deeper. We're sure you're all dying to know what it will take to catch this cutie's eye, so here's a little cheat sheet. We caught up with Walter as he heated things up at Imperial Ice Bar, where he shared the deets on what he looks for in a woman and his flirting style.

Know how to get on his radar by reading through our interview below and flipping through his super hot gallery for this week!

Do you have an artistic side?

"All throughout high school I took art class and did paintings. My mom and dad made me take piano lessons for five years. I do a little bit of singing as well. I think that’s the extent of it."

What kind of music do you listen to?

"Everything, from Classical to Motown. Like Otis Redding and that kind of stuff. I love listening to acoustic songs! One of my favorite artists is Amos Lee. He’s this great acoustic singer with a great voice."

Have you ever taken voice lessons?

"Yes, I actually did with my father. Then when I arrived in the Philippines, I had a vocal coach in Bicol."

If you could take a girl anywhere for the holidays, where would it be?

"I would say Canada, to my home city. I would show her around and introduce her to my family. I’d also take her snowboarding. That would be a great Christmas."

What holiday look do you like seeing on girls?

"I think something a little more festive. I like outfits that are dressy. On Christmas Eve, something comfortable would be nice."

Would you rather date a wild girl or a good girl?

"A mixture of both because certain situations call for it. You don’t want to be in church and she’ll be like, 'Yeah, let’s drink!' It’s a mixture of both, depending on the situation."

Do you like girls with or without makeup?

"I think with makeup but natural-looking makeup."

If you had to serenade a girl, what would be your go-to song?

"It’s called Arms of a Woman by Amos Lee. I always tell my friends,  'Si Amos Lee talaga ang pinaka-best na sexy time music.' Check it out!"

What are the qualities that attract you to a girl?

"I think the physical attracts you, and the personality keeps you. In terms of physical, I like smiley eyes. For example, si Kristin Kreuk. When she laughs or smiles, her eyes smile as well."

Was there ever an instance when a girl hit on you in a bar?

"Medyo mayabang naman to admit pero I guess it happens. They’re friendly and they'll approach you. I wouldn’t say ‘hit on’, but there are really times when they introduce themselves to you first."

And that’s okay with you? Girls making the first move?

"Ya it’s okay with me. I mean I’m traditional, but I think it’s a good change. Guys normally take the role of asking the girls out, deciding where to go on dates, and we do the proposing. So I think a little bit of change is good too."

Are you a boob or butt guy?

"I like curves. I’d have to say I’m a boob guy."

Have you ever randomly kissed someone at a bar?

"To be honest, yes I have."

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a girl’s attention?

" I don't think I've ever really done anything too crazy. It’s funny though when you’re at a bar and you have your guy friends play along with you when you’re talking to a girl. It’s just a joke but it’s fun. For example, there was this girl we met at a bar a couple of months ago and me and my best friend told her we were cousins, and we backed it up with a whole story."

Do you like to party or do you prefer chilling at home with friends?

"It depends. I enjoy partying but I also enjoy one-on-one dinners, going out for coffee, or even just a beer. That’s pretty fun."

What’s a usual Friday or Saturday night for you?

"A lot of time with friends. Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends and we go out. I’ve been exploring the Manila social scene, partying, and meeting people."

Shot on location at Imperial Ice Bar, Bonifacio Global City. For event inquiries, contact 09209006481. For more info, visit Imperial's Facebook page.

Outfit: Jeans, P1,115, Forever 21. Coat provided by Imperial Ice Bar.

Interviewer: Gianna Banzon
Sittings Editor: Jillian Gatcheco
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Cats del Rosario

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