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The Cosmo Girl's Guide to Being the Best Maid of Honor

You'll be so much better than Annie in Bridesmaids. We promise!

A friend or relative may feel flattered when you ask her to be your maid of honor for the wedding, but you both have to realize that the role entails responsibilities, too. listed a maid of honor's responsibilities to help you and your MOH set expectations for the entire process. Or, if you haven't chosen her yet, check out these common tasks so you can pick the best person for the role.

Common Tasks of the Maid of Honor BEFORE the wedding day:

1. Coordinate with other entourage members for the wedding attire.

If you'll be having a seamstress dress up your bridal entourage, you can ask your maid of honor to assist in coordinating with other entourage members. Or if you'll be allowing your girls to pick out their own dresses (provided they keep to your theme, of course), your maid of honor can help you in informing them of your preferences.


2. Call up guests and take note of RSVPs.

With all the wedding preparations that you have to address, contacting all the guests may be too much for you. Ask your maid of honor if she can be a point person for guests who RSVP—if she'll allow you to, you can put her contact details on your wedding invitation.

3. Organize a bridal shower.

Planning a wedding is challenging, and you probably won't have enough time to organize another get-together. Fret not; it's really your maid of honor's duty to throw you a bridal shower with the help of your close family and friends.

4. Help you coordinate with suppliers.

If you don't have a wedding coordinator to help you out with your wedding preparations, you can ask your maid of honor to lend a hand (if she's up to the task). You can ask her to accompany you when you're meeting with suppliers, and even help you deal with them during the negotiation phase. In case of minor problems on your big day, the suppliers can approach her instead.

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5. Accompany you when shopping for shoes, underwear, and other bridal accessories if needed.

Shopping is a good excuse to bond with your maid of honor, so don't hesitate to ask her come with you when you scout for essentials for the wedding--after all, it's unlikely that she'll say no to a shopping trip! You can also ask for her honest opinion when trying out items.

What are the tasks of the MOH on the actual day of the wedding? Check out's Maid of Honor Checklist HERE!

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