A Blogger's Guide To Creating The Perfect Flatlay

It's about time you master this Instagram art.



When it comes to the art of Instagram, bloggers usually know best. From the nicest photo-editing apps to download to the most effective filters to use, these social media savvy ladies understand how to score IG hearts. Speaking of which, what better way is there to reap “likes” than to post a double-tap worthy #flatlay?

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Style Bible asked tips from the blogger behind La Petite, Trice Nagusara, on how to create the perfect flatlay. After all, it’s best to take advice from someone who knows the drill. Read on for her tips below.

1. Decide on a theme.

“It’s essential to stick to one theme to make everything cohesive. If you want to show what’s on your desk, then don’t include a pair of shoes. If you’re trying to assemble an OOTD flatlay, then you might want to think twice before adding food elements.”

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2. Create contrast.

“One key to make your flatlay look great is to play with colors. When choosing the products to include, pick a shade that will contrast with your background.”

3. Stick to one color palette.

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“On the contrary, if you want a cleaner or more polished look, go for elements in a similar shade with your background.”

4. Natural lighting is the best.

“There is nothing more flattering than soft, natural light. Make sure to take the photo near a natural light source like at your balcony, terrace, or right next to a window, but avoid direct sunlight because the effect might be too harsh. If the light is coming from a specific side, it can also give your flatlay some extra drama by playing with the shadows.”

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5. Learn basic Photoshop.

“All my flatlays were edited using Photoshop. It’s fun to play around with, especially when I need to add in extra elements like texts or graphics.”

6. Never overdo it.

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“Keep in mind that the best flatlays are always the tidiest ones with everything strategically placed and consistently spaced apart.”

This story originally appeared on Stylebible.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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