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Think you know everything there is to know about this actor/chef? Think again. Take a look at how he spends a regular day, which includes an exclusive peek at the set of his soap Alyna!

No, we're not done yet! As our opening salvo for 2011, we're treating you to another "A Day In The Life Of A Celebrity" feature, this time with this Cosmopolitan Bachelor and Cosmo Online Hunk that you're crazy about: actor/chef Jose Sarasola.

We whet your appetite for Jose when we got him as our featured hunk in the month of MEN, last September. But, behind all that sexiness and charm, do you ever wonder what he's really like when he's not making us swoon on TV or on the pages of Cosmo? Since we know you love him so much, Cosmo tailed him for a day to see what Jose is really like on the set of his soap, at home, and in the gym, among others.

We arrived at Jose’s house in Paranaque at around 11:45AM, just a few hours after he arrived home at 8AM from three consecutive days of shooting for the ABS-CBN soap Alyna in Antipolo. Though he lacked sleep and rest, Jose was very accommodating as he toured us around his house a la MTV Cribs, he said. Inside his cozy blue room, Jose showed us his exotic pets and collection of dried crawlers, which we weren't really surprised to see, considering he was exposed to this kind of stuff in Pinoy Fear Factor.

Aside from gadgets, this 24-year-old hunk also collects all sorts of toys and souvenirs from his trips abroad. Lucky us, Jose let us raid his closet, which was full of jerseys, ties, and shirts. After touring his room, we also took a peek at the stuff inside his black car, a Camry, or what he calls his “dressing room."

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From his house, we drove with him to Gold’s Gym to see his workout. We met his gym instructor Froilan Dioso of Gold's Gym, who developed a program called FitnessScience and trains other celebrities like Cosmo Online Hunk Rodjun Cruz. After an hour of strenuous workout, we headed back to Jose’s village. You wouldn't think this guy lacks sleep, as he still had the energy to shoot some hoops at the vacant lot which he turned into a basketball court three years ago for his friends at the neighborhood.

His last stop that day: the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Jose will fly to Bangkok that night, with just a hand-carry backpack for his four-day trip, to spend Christmas with his family and their relatives there.

Read on for our chat with Jose during this day, and launch the gallery by clicking on the button after the interview to see snapshots from his day. Watch for the video we'll be posting soon, too!

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How do you start your day?

On a regular day, I wake up at around 11 in the morning, eat late breakfast or lunch. Then I hit the gym for an hour or two. When I get home, if I have energy, I play basketball. Then in the evening, I eat early lunch. At 7PM, I check out my bar, Avenue 75. I go home around 10 or 11PM, if there’s not much to do. But I stay around when there’s lots of people.

How do you usually start your day when there's taping?

When there’s taping, usually I wake up early. It depends on what call time I have. And I actually pack the night before, so when I wake up in the morning, hindi na harassed, hindi ko kailangang mag-rush. And then light breakfast, palaging cereal, kasi when you get to the set, palaging heavy breakfast. Then when you get to the taping, basically you just read your lines, memorize your script, hang out with the co-stars, kulitan. The best thing is actually waiting, kasi while you’re waiting for your scenes, you get to bond with your fellow artists. Isa 'yun sa mga importante, bonding with your co-stars. Kasi, you can’t just interact with them sa scenes, kailangan off-camera rin, so at least there’s chemistry going on.

What keeps you busy when there's no taping?

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Asides from taping, I run my sports bar Avenue 75 in BF Homes Paranaque. And then I opened another business called Chill Factor. It’s ice cream-ball--it’s like ice cream na halong scramble, which everyone has tried when they were kids. It’s pink and it has toppings. So it’s called Chill Factor, check it out online. We have one branch in Monumento, and then we’re opening one more branch in Divisoria 168. When I don’t have taping I focus on my other businesses as well.

Where do you usually hang out?

I usually hang out when I don’t have taping, usually at the bar then at the gym, basically with my friends. Before when I still didn't have the bar we think, "Ano'ng gagawin natin?" 'pag walang magawa 'di ba? But when my bar opened, I say 'pag walang magawa,“Tara sa bar na lang tayo tumambay.” 'Yun, usually at the bar and at the gym, then I play basketball from time to time. That's my relaxation talaga. And of course watching cooking shows!

How do you relax after a hectic day?

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Wow, if there's taping and you end at 6 or 7 in the morning, the best to do is go home, just make hilamos, wash the makeup off, turn on the aircon, and hit the sack. That's the best thing you can do. Wala ka nang magagawa kasi it's too early in the morning, you just wanna go home and sleep; that's the best remedy after taping.

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One of your favorite Cosmo hunks walks you through his house, his room, and shows you his pets, his clothes and prized possessions. Cosmo also accompanied him to the gym, his basketball court, and the airport! Whew! Watch it all here.