The Most Adorbs Movie-Themed Prenup Shoots

Recreating a scene from your fave flick is totes the way to go if you and your hubby-to-be are avid movie fans.

Ahh—prenup shoots. Where to go and what to do? These engagement photo sessions are the perfect excuse to bring out your personality as a couple, whether you're into fluff, mush, and romance, or quirky-cool cosplaying. Here's an idea: Why not reenact your favorite scene from a movie? 

Some of the couples featured on channeled their inner movie stars. Our favorites, posted below! 

1. PRULEE & VICE in Pearl Harbor

Vice is part of the Philippine Navy, so he and Prulee felt that scenes from the drama Pearl Harbor would be interesting to recreate. In keeping with the movie's feel, the couple donned vintage-inspired clothes (Don't you just LOVE Prulee's hair?!). To see more photos, click here.

2. MARIAN & DAN in The Godfather

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Marian and Dan wanted to channel this cult favorite's grit and glamour through their prenuptial shoot. To see more photos, click here


Who can forget those colorful balloons from Disney's heartwarming film? To see more photos, click here.

4. JENIFEL & ABNER in Tangled

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Jenifel and Abner took distinctive elements from the animated feature Tangled—flowers and a sun-shaped cutout were among the details they picked up from the Disney hit. To see more photos, click here.

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