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After Their Split Kourtney Kardashian Tweets Bible Quote, Scott Disick Posts Pic Of "Dream Bedroom"

Plus, cupcakes!

The breakup of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick continues to devastate the world. This week, Kourtney finally (sort of) addressed the billions of requests for comment about the end of her relationship with Lord Disick, by posting a Bible quote on Twitter.

The tweet comes a few days after Scott reportedly moved all his pants out of the home the couple shared together with their three children.

Meanwhile, over at Scott's Instagram page, he was posting yet another photo of some luxury goods he's pining for.

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While many speculate this is a hotel room where Scott is holed up in, he is known for posting pictures of glamorous fancy things he likes. So it's hard to know right now if this is the actual bed he's spending his nights in, crying over losing Kourtney or if it's just a bed he wishes he was in, crying over losing Kourtney.

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Meanwhile, on Saturday, Kourtney was busy making cupcakes and giving zero fucks which bed Scott was sleeping in.

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Mmm, breakup cupcakes: Truly the best kind of cupcakes.


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