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12 Essential Movies And TV Shows Starring Alden Richards

How many of these have you seen?
PHOTO: (ALDEN) Instagram/aldenrichards02, (LEFT) Imagine YOu And Me/GMA Pictures, (RIGHT) Hello, Love, Goodbye/ABS-CBn Star Cinema

It's time to know Alden Richards better! And what better way to do that than to relive his previous projects, right? Here, let's take a look at his movies and TV shows from 2011 to 2019: 

1. Tween Academy: Class of 2012 (2011) 

In this teen barkada movie, Alden plays the role of Christian, the high school heartthrob who, despite his good looks and popularity, remains down-to-earth and friendly. Alden's love interest at that time was Louise Delos Reyes, who played Jess in the film. 

2. The Road (2011) 

Did you know that Alden was also part of a psychological horror film? The Road consists of three intertwined stories from 1988, 1998, and 2008, and starts by intoducing viewers to a policeman named Luis Medina (TJ Trinidad). After an awarding ceremony, he meets a woman whose daughters have been missing for more than 10 years. He sets out on an investigation to find out what really happened to them. Alden's role in this film will surely shock you!   

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3. One True Love (2012)

This series tells the story of star-crossed lovers Tisoy (Alden) and Elize (Louise), who stay true to each other despite their parents' disapproval. These were Alden and Louise's first starring roles in a primetime teleserye.   

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4. Carmela (2014) 

Once upon a time, Alden's leading lady was none other than Marian Rivera! In Carmela: Ang Pinakamagandang Babae Sa Mundong Ibabaw, Alden's character Yago immediately falls for Carmela (Marian), a beautiful girl who has been dubbed "unlucky" because of her mother's origins. The show also had international broadcasts in Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand! 

5. Ilustrado (2014) 

This historical period drama features Alden as national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. The show focuses on Rizal's childhood, his relationships and love interests, and the time he spent studying and working in Europe.  

6. Kalyeserye (2015)

The soap opera parody segment catapulted "Pambansang Bae" Alden and "Yaya Dub" Maine Mendoza to stardom! In the Eat Bulaga! segment, they only communicated through lip-syncing to various pop songs and movie audio clips, writing messages, and interacting through the show's split-screen frame.

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7. My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore (2015)

Alden's first big-screen appearance with love team partner Maine was in this romantic comedy with Ai-Ai De Las Alas and Vic Sotto. Dondi (Alden) is a nerd of sorts and an obedient nephew to his aunt who makes decisions for him. Meanwhile, Anna (Maine) is a stubborn and rebellious girl who seeks the attention of her father. Dondi and Anna cross path and their different personalities collide, but they eventually fall for each other. 

8. Imagine You And Me (2016) 

Set in Italy, the film follows Gara (Maine), an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who believes in destiny and true love. She meets the stepson of one of her employers, Andrew (Alden), a cynical medical student who is nursing a broken heart. Despite misunderstandings and petty fights, the two fall in love! 

9. Destined To Be Yours (2017) 

The 63-episode series is Maine and Alden's first teleserye together! Sinag (Maine) is a cheerful radio DJ in a small peaceful town in Quezon—until property developers arrive to take over their area. As Sinag fights to protect her hometown, she meets Benjie (Alden), the young and hardworking architect who turns her life around.

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10. Alaala: A Martial Law Special (2017) 

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of Martial Law, GMA produced a special documentary about award-winning screenwriter Bonifacio Ilagan, played by Alden. It takes us through a journey of Boni's days as an idealistic youth, the declaration of Martial Law, and his brutal capture and torture under the hands of the Philippine Constabulary.

11. Victor Magtanngol (2018) 

Alden starred as a superhero named Hammerman in this fantasy-drama series! The show is inspired by Norse Mythology and was directed by Dominic Zapata

12. Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)  

This much-awaited film is about a pair of lonely OFWs who find love and comfort in each other in bustling Hong Kong. Ethan (Alden) is determined to win the love of Joy (Kathryn Bernardo), but she has other priorities! In an interview, Alden revealed that he shed 20 pounds for the role.  

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