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Alessandra De Rossi Is NOT HAVING IT With People Who Make Her Feel She's 'Less Of A Woman' For Being Single

'Puwede bang ito yung path namin?!' GO, KWEEN!
Alessandra De Rossi On People Who Make Her Feel 'Less Of A Woman' For Being Single

Alessandra De Rossi just got super-real on Twitter about people who still *attach* negative connotations to single and unmarried women, and it resonated with a lot of other happily single Pinays on the platform. But true to her nature, Alessandra still cracked jokes to make the situation a little bit ~lighter~! 

"BV na minsan when people make you feel you're less of a woman, [because] you're not married or you don't have kids (yet) or a ring on your finger. Para bang...puwede bang ito yung path namin?! Sige, what is the essence of a woman? Malay ko! I don't even know the essence of a man! CHOT," she wrote on Twitter.

She added that just because getting married is the dream for some women doesn't mean it's the same for everyone, writing: "If motherhood or getting married is the best thing that ever happened to you, I'm happy for you. I'm sure it is the happiest place to be. Pero okay naman ako sa Jollibee. Kanya kanyang trip lang 'yan. Naiiyak nga ako sa magandang sunset and it's also the best thing for me."


"Stop feeling like you've made it because you're there na and I'm not...And I seriously do not care. Whatever God gives me, I take it. Because I never asked for anything but my family's safety. I never prayed for a man or a career."

Alessandra De Rossi On People Who Make Her Feel 'Less Of A Woman' For Being Single

Supportive comments flooded her tweet, with fellow single women saying things like: "Same here. My students ask me why I'm still single and I can only smile. I don't owe the world an explanation. I chose to be single. End of." Another shared: "Totoo 'to. Paano kung ang trip ko lang naman sa buhay ay maging rich tita who drinks wine, shops for expensive things, and travels every now and then? Kung gusto ko lang naman ng magaalaga sa'kin pagtanda, I'll make sure I save enough to pay for my personal nurse."

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