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Alex Gonzaga On The Alleged Cutting In Line Incident: 'There was no issue'

'Nakakalungkot kailangan niya palakihin'
PHOTO: Instagram/cathygonzaga

A netizen claims that Alex Gonzaga cut her in line while in the queue for the immigration counter at the airport. 

"Alex Gonzaga just tried to cut me at the immigration queue," the user posted on Facebook. "What's with entitled Filipino celebrities? LOL." That post was screen-grabbed and tweeted by the netizen's friend and made the rounds online. Here is the now-deleted tweet:

A netizen tweeted a screenshot of a certain traveler's Facebook post saying Alex Gonzaga had allegedly cut her in line at the airport. This tweet has since been deleted. (via PEP)
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Alex responded to the user to share her side of what exactly happened. 

"FYI: Nagbukas ng new counter yung immigration, my mom and dad (senior citizens) were invited to form a new line," Alex wrote. "We thought she was with the elders in front of us because sila na ang queue. Nagpaalam pa kami pumayag sila. Mommy ko ang nauna bigla niya sinabi siya raw dapat; we let her."

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Alex was initially tweeting about the heavy traffic and how she ended up having to buy new plane tickets.

"Anyare sa Pasig? Grabe traffic two hours na kami dito."

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"Bought new tickets because our tickets are non-refundable and re-bookable huhuhuhu anyway naisip ko halos four and a half hours ako papunta sa airport, same time ng haba ng flight papuntang Japan! Ang galing talaga."

After the netizen's comment, Alex went on to set the record straight on the cutting in line accusation.

"When we were lining up FYI may new tickets na kami. Delayed pa new flight namin 3 p.m. so why would we be in a hurry? 11 a.m. kami dumating. You weren't there kaya 'wag ka magsalita as if alam mo. Kasama ko senior citizens, 'di kami pa-entitled. Nung nagsabi 'friend' mo pinauna namin siya."

"I wish I could talk to the lady who was in front of us in the immigration," Alex said. "She knew what happened. My mom was very polite and even asked her if she could go through the other counter. When she was about to cross the yellow lane the lady cut my mom and said siya dapat."

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She ended her explanation to clarify that there was no issue to begin with.

"My mom let her pass," Alex said. "There was no issue. Nakakalungkot kailangan niya palakihin. Anyway, I said my piece. Off to positivity and [enjoying] my trip."

It looks like Alex is in Tokyo to attend a YouTube event, based on her Instagram Stories.

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The netizen's comments are no longer available as he/she has since protected his/her tweets.