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Alex Gonzaga And Bianca Gonzalez Get Real About Proving Haters Wrong

We love these tips from the vloggers!

When you’ve got haters breathing down your neck, it’s easy to say that you’ll prove them wrong, but how exactly do you do that? In a new vlog episode of “Paano Ba ‘To?,” Bianca Gonzalez invites Alex Gonzaga to talk about dealing with haters online.

Her first tip: If you’re going to change something about yourself, don’t do it for other people. “Kasi kapag nakadepende sa ibang tao ang happiness or fulfillment mo, it will never be enough,” says Alex. See if the criticism is constructive or destructive. If it’s the former and you want to improve in that aspect, do it for yourself.


Alex shares that people would call her OA, so she thought about it and toned it down—for herself. But it’s a different story when people compare her to her sister, Toni Gonzaga. “I have to accept that I can never be my sister. I can never achieve her achievements because that’s her journey. But I can be myself.”

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Alex and Bianca also talk about not deleting hateful comments; instead, they let the comments fuel them and ground them at the same time. Alex even reads negative comments over and over until they lose their effect on her and become just words on a screen. Wise words from strong, independent women!

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