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Ate Or Bunso: Alex Gonzaga’s New Vlog Will Crack You Up

Who’s the better Gonzaga sibling?
PHOTO: Instagram/cathygonzaga

Who’s the better Gonzaga sister? Is it Alex or Toni Gonzaga?

In Alex’s new vlog, she asks the question of who is the better child, is it ate or bunso? To answer the question, Alex invited sister Toni and parents Bonoy and Pinty Gonzaga to weigh in on the matter.

Bearing placards that say ate and bunso on each side, Bonoy and Pinty were quizzed by the sisters as to who’s more likely to do what.

Alex and Toni’s parents had mixed answers for some questions, for instance, when asked who was their favorite travel companion, Pinty answered “Alex,” while Bonoy answered, “Toni.”

As you go along the funny 10-minute video, it’s evident where Alex and Toni both get their sense of humor. While the video reveals which sister is more hardworking or smart, it also shows how close the Gonzaga family is, even freeing up some time from their busy schedules to shoot a vlog.

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Watch the new vlog here:

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