Who’s the better Gonzaga sibling?
Who's the better Gonzaga sister? Is it Alex or Toni Gonzaga?In Alex's new vlog, she asks the question of who is the better child, is it ate or bunso? To answer the question, Alex invited sister Toni and parents
Alex: 'Tinatawagan niya pa sa landline si Patrick Garcia.'
The Gonzaga sisters now have their own YouTube channels, they're both in loving relationships, and they recently starred in their first movie called Mary, Marry Me together! In this video, we got to talk to Alex and Toni about their
'I'm so happy that we've reached this level of relationship na parang barkada. I can talk to him about anything.'
In her latest vlog episode, Toni Gonzaga invites the "first man who broke my heart" as a guest-her dad, Carlito "Bonoy" Gonzaga. Their candid talk reveals the reasons behind her parents' strict rules for Toni and her sister, Alex Gonzaga. Why
Power dress, just because you want to.
Suits are traditionally worn by men, and these clothes are structured to channel masculinity and power. We typically see these outfits in office settings, both in movies and IRL, and worn by people who exude confidence and BDE. I'm here to
The actress opens up about her and Paul Soriano’s struggles in a new vlog episode.
In a new vlog episode, Toni Gonzaga gets real about her parents' strict rules when she and Paul Soriano were not yet married. The actress would always dream of going on vacation with her then boyfriend, but it was always a hard
Her workout secret? Carrying a 32-pound toddler!
Toni Gonzaga and her husband Paul Soriano recently soaked up the sun at an undisclosed beach. The couple also traveled with son, Seve.Toni posted a series of beautiful photos, with this one taking advantage of the beautiful sunset:Here's
Get to know Toni on a more personal level!
If you've ever wanted to know more about a celebrity and see what they're like off-camera, then your best bet is by checking out their personal YouTube channels.Toni Gonzaga is doing exactly this by giving her fans a
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