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Andi Eigenmann Defends Fiancé Philmar Alipayo After Being Accused Of Stealing Donations

'Just so hurtful that it always seems to be so hard to believe that my fiancé has his own money to spend too.'
Andi Eigenmann defends partner Philmar Alipayo from theft accusations
PHOTO: Instagram/andieigengirl

Andi Eigenmann just shut down rumors that her fiancé Philmar Alipayo has been stealing donations for typhoon-stricken victims in Siargao.

Taking to her Instagram stories to defend Philmar from the accusations, the actress explained how her partner got to Siargao. FYI, their family has been staying in Metro Manila when typhoon Odette devastated their home province last week.

Andi wrote, “@chepoxz just got back to Siargao and left me and the kids behind with a heavy heart in order to go and see our family and see what more we could do to help.

"When he got a seat on the @sunlight_air as a volunteer, we also asked beforehand if he was allowed to bring some boxes with him so he could readily bring food and other essentials to his family and our loved ones there. They said yes!

"It is very sad to know that he is being accused of stealing donations when he even specifically ignored his chance to use his platform to ask for them since he's more than willing to use his own money just to help our community out."

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Andi didn’t stop there. The actress further pointed out that while her partner is a simple man, he has the financial means to help out their loved ones and other victims in Siargao.

She continues, "Just so hurtful that it always seems to be so hard to believe that my fiancé has his own money to spend too because he works to earn it. Now with some, he is still the same simple man who doesn't really need much. Just for his kids to have a good life. Which is why it isn't hard for him to share his blessings to HIS HOME."

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Andi added that although she was really concerned about Philmar’s welfare, the award-winning surfer assured her that he’ll be alright as he’s trained to handle life’s hardest challenges.

The actress also cleared that the airline company isn’t the one accusing Philmar of stealing, and only included its name to note that they really allowed the bringing of food and essential items on the flight.

Siargao is one of the provinces badly devastated by the recent typhoon. Other celebrities, such as couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young and Olympian Margielyn Didal also took to their respective platforms to share the aftermath that the typhoon brought upon their hometowns.


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