WATCH: Andi Manzano Shares Baby Amelia's Birthing Story

'I have so much love in my heart.'

In a new vlog post, Andi Manzano shares the birthing story of her second daughter, Amelia Manzano Reyes. The video shows her long hours of labor, her husband GP Reyes’ push gift for himself (LOL), and their firstborn, Olivia, meeting her baby sister for the first time.

Andi writes about her learnings from the past three weeks since Amelia’s birth on January 19. “This newborn thing is actually easier the second time around… Toddler needs to adjust to the new baby at her own pace. [Olivia] always wants to do everything for the baby so I let her. Starting with the small chores from getting diapers to throwing them in the bin.”

The vlogger and host says, “My body needs time to heal. As much as I want to get back to getting fit and losing this baby weight, all I want to do is sleep... and that’s okay.” She adds, “I have so much love in my heart.”

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