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Andi Manzano’s Inspiring Message To Breastfeeding Moms Is Beautiful

Andi says to ‘Breathe in, breathe out… And let it go.’

On April 5, Andi Manzano posted on Instagram that she’s been having a great breastfeeding journey so far.

Andi recalled passing out while breastfeeding in Boracay last week where she spent her 32nd birthday. She shared that her eldest, Olivia Manzano Reyes was exclusively breastfed for two years, and Olivia was never given the bottle or had to use a pump to express milk.

This time, with Amelia, Andi said that while her baby is still exclusively breastfed, she recently started to give her the bottle. “It kinda broke my heart, but I know things will be different with this little one or with two kids,” Andi shared.

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Andi also reaffirmed her decision to slowly introduce bottle feeding where she said, “I have to constantly remind myself that it’s okay… And that motherhood is not perfect.”

Her parting message to her fellow breastfeeding moms, “I need to let go and not give in to the pressure I put on myself. So if you’re that mama who feels the same way I do, breathe in, breathe out... And let it go.”

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