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Angel Locsin And Neil Arce Share All The Funny, Scary, And Kilig Moments Behind Their Civil Wedding

The exact moment they got engaged and when Angel lost her engagement ring!

Newlyweds Angel Locsin and Neil Arce just gave us more reasons to feel kilig after they got married.

The couple recently shared on their YouTube channel all the cute, funny, and surprising moments leading to their union. The video opened with touching scenes from the ceremony.

Neil recalled how he had asked for Angel's hand in marriage from her father, Angelo Colmenares, who is now 94 years old.


"Actually, 2019, a week before Father's Day, right after kong bilhin yung ring, pumunta ako agad sa daddy niya. Sabi ko, Daddy, magpo-propose ako. 'O, anong proposal mo?' So akala niya may business proposal. Tapos sabi ni Ate Ella (Angel's sister), 'Daddy, magpapakasal sila.' 'Ay, good, good!' Sobrang nawala yung burden sa shoulders ko, siyempre 'good' lang yung sinabi ng daddy niya." 

Neil also revealed that he had initially planned on doing the proposal when Angel got back home from a trip to Belgium, but Angel's dad urged him to do it before she left.

"Sabi ng daddy niya, 'Hindi! Gawin mo na bago lumipad.'"

Angel and Neil also shared video clips from the exact moment they got engaged. Angel was the cutest when Neil got down on one knee and showed the engagement ring.

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Neil: "Tingin mo nagloloko ako?"

Angel: "Hindi, kasi baka jino-joke mo 'ko ha…"

Neil: "Wait lang. Alam mo ang dami kong gustong sabihin, pero iniisip ko kasi.. Gusto ko talaga…"

Angell: "Hindi, totoo, totoo talagang, ano 'to?"

Neil: "Oo nga, nakaluhod na. Will you marry me?" (Angel gasps and was totally speechless for like three seconds before silently nodding.)

Angel: "'Di ko alam, sana nag-ayos ako!" (Everybody laughs.)

Angel pointed out how Neil was joking during the civil wedding about how their wedding rings were missing. Turns out, Angel actually lost her engagement ring in 2019. OMG!

Angel: "Noong pumunta kami sa Italy for ASAP, habang kausap ko yung mga artista sa eroplano, napansin ko nawawala yung singsing ko."

Neil says he won't forget the worried look on Toni Gonzaga's face when she heard about it during the flight. After losing the engagement ring, Angel and Neil got a fake and identical copy of the ring.


Neil, joking: "Actually, kasalanan ni Dimples (Romana) kung bakit nawala yung ring."

Angel: "Bakit si Dimps?

Neil: "Kasi siya yung nagbigay ng ring size mo. Malaki yung bigay niyang size kaya nahuhulog-hulog. Pero alam mo yung moment na 'yon, ang takeaway ko doon is how emotionally strong we are as a couple. Kung mas bata-bata kami or hindi kami ganoong ka-emotionally strong, baka we'd take it as a sign."

Another rings-related blooper: Angel and Neil didn't have their wedding rings with them during the civil ceremony! Good thing Angel had her fake engagement ring with her and Neil was able to borrow his teenage son Joaquin's ring. They also didn't know they had to prepare wedding vows, so Mayor Lino Cayetano just gave them vows to read. LOL.

We obviously haven't stopped talking about Angel's *gorgeous* and unassuming bridal bouquet, which she gamely carried in a box while she and Neil lined up for the city hall elevator. Apparently, she had no plans of having one made. But when Angel was borrowing tables and chairs from event stylist and floral designer Randy Lazaro for their backyard reception, she had no choice but to reveal what the occasion was. Randy, naturally, insisted on coming up with the lovely floral creation.


Angel: "Yung binigay ko sa kanyang peg, parang barbecue setup lang. 'Hindi talaga, 'Gel. Please let me. Hayaan mo na 'ko.' 'Wag ko na daw siyang barilin sa mga gusto niyang backdrop.'

Neil: "Dapat wala siyang bouquet, hindi rin pumayag si Randy na wala siyang bouquet."

Angel: "So wala akong idea kung anong bouquet yung ibibigay niya. Yung box na 'yon, bitbit-bitbit ko 'yon paakyat. Pasakay ng elevator, sa pila sa elevator. I'm actually glad na nakinig ako sa kanya. Ang ganda sa look 'saka na-feel ko na bride ako."


Neil and Angel also didn't talk about what they'd be wearing to the wedding, and they both showed up in black and white outfits! Isn't that proof that they're really meant to be?

Knowing just how simple people Angel and Neil are, they served street food at their post-wedding party. Fries, milk tea, fishball, kikiam, the works!


Neil: "Siguro perfect description ng pagkasimple ng wedding, kami lang siguro ang bride and groom na pumila sa elevator bago ikasal."

Angel: "Pinaka-perfect siguro [na] description ng wedding namin is 'simple pero rock.'"

Watch Angel and Neil's video here:

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