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Toni Gonzaga Reveals She Used To Split Her P3K Talent Fee With Alex When She Was Starting Out

'We grew up thinking that what you have is mine, and what I have is yours.'
PHOTO: instagram/cathygonzaga

Toni Gonzaga recently sat down with Wil Dasovich for his SuperHuman podcast and talked about her sister Alex Gonzaga and the mega-success she's found on YouTube. You see, Alex had been a rising actress and host for years but finally made a breakthrough when she started her YouTube channel in 2017. Now, Alex is without a doubt one of the biggest content creators in the Philippines and has amassed a loyal following of almost 11 million subscribers.

Does Toni Gonzaga feel insecure about Alex's success?

Wil started the interview with a controversial question, and it's if Toni ever felt insecure over Alex's success. Without missing a beat, she said, "Ah, I love it! I love it that she was using me as the stepping stone…because I would only do that for my sister."

Toni went on to say that she was willing for Alex to "use" her to jumpstart her career. "I'm okay with that," she said. And as for her insecurities, Toni revealed that she gets "insecure with other artistas, my colleagues, but I'm never insecure with my sister."


"We grew up thinking that what you have is mine, and what I have is yours," Toni explained. And this "sharing" extended to Toni giving half of her talent fee to Alex when she was starting out: "We always share kasi before. Yung talent fee ko before, alam niya 'yon. Kung P3,000 'yon, P1,500 sa kanya, P1,500 sa akin. Kahit wala siyang ginawa. Ah, may ginawa pala siya! She waited outside."

Toni credits her parents and how they brought them up with the belief that they, as sisters, shouldn't compete with each other: "People would think, 'Plastic mo naman. You're not insecure.' *shakes head* Dalawa lang kami e. So hindi kami nagkaroon ng thinking na or never sinabi ng parents namin sa aminespecially my dadna kaaway mo ang sister mo or kalaban mo ang sister mo. Because my parents always tell us na if there's one person na hindi mo dapat maging kaaway sa mundo, that is your sibling, that is your sister. Okay lang na kaaway mo silang lahat 'wag lang kapatid mo."

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These days, Toni shared that Alex is now the one who pays for their family tripsafter 20 years of  Toni footing the bill. She said in jest, "You know what I tell her? You pay for this trip naman. Ganyan naman kami, 'Uy, Catherine, you pay for this trip naman. 20 years I've been paying for our trips, ikaw naman ngayon.' So ngayon, siya na sumasagot nang lahat."

She closed off the intimate conversation with a nugget of wisdom she learned from former US President Barack Obama: "You will know if someone is successful when that person wants other people to be successful. That is my true definition of a successful person."


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