You Have To See Angelica Panganiban's Doppelgänger

Her name is Angela. What a coincidence.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/thegloriousmakeup, (RIGHT) Facebook/Angela Donna Torres

A few weeks ago, a reader tagged our Facebook account and commented: "You should check out this girl. She totally looks like Angelica Panganiban."

We immediately inspected her profile and was surprised by her huge resemblance to the The Unmarried Wife star.


Her name is Angela Donna Torres. She looks so much like the actress that we'd shamelessly ask for a selfie if we ever crossed paths.

A quick search on Google shows that she's a Tourism graduate of Centro Escolar University. She's also huge music lover and has always wanted to be a ramp model.

Because we wanted to know more of Angela, we, of course, did some stalking. Here's what we found out:

Just like Angelica, she loves to go to the beach.

She's a car show model.

Here are some more of Angela's Angelica-esque photos:

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