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Anne Curtis Is Appointed As UNICEF’s National Goodwill Ambassador

Beauty + Heart = Yes, she’s all that.
PHOTO: Instagram/AnneCurtisSmith

Anne Curtis was recently minted one of UNICEF Philippines’ National Goodwill Ambassadors together with Daphne Oseña-Paez.

Anne has always been a longtime advocate for children, and she’s always been active in programs and projects that seek to protect the rights of children. She’s mighty proud of this honor. In fact, she‘s been an avid supporter of UNICEF since 2009, a recognized active advocate for children since 2014, and now, a fully minted ambassador for the organization’s work with and for children.

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Anne is perfect for this ambassadorship, because she’s always been moved to do something substantial for the plight of children: “I’ve always had a heart to help children and with this appointment I will continue to learn and properly educate myself about the many issues facing children today. I will do my best to promote, fund raise, advocate, and protect children’s rights.”

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During her speech on the day of her appointment, Anne faced the current issue of lowering the age of criminal responsibility head on: “I’ve learned that if the current laws are to be fully implemented, there would no real need to lower the age. But I also feel that with children, I believe that you can't just focus on one issue. There’s still so much that should be done.”

In true beauty-with-a-heart form, Anne’s vision for her role with UNICEF is clear: “I hope we can ALL work together so that the beautiful smiles on the children’s faces reflect the hope that they feel in their hearts.” Now, here’s a celeb who’s wielding her star power for such a worthy cause.