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Arci Muñoz Reveals She Was Friendzoned By Her Ex

'Friendzoned na nga ako. Basta huwag na nating pag-usapan.'
PHOTO: Instagram/ramonathornes

Arci Muñoz is one of our favorite artistas not just because she's hella talented but that she's relatable as ever. Candidly speaking about her new film with Gerald Anderson, Can We Still Be Friends, Arci revealed that the movie and her current love life (or lack thereof) are kind of one and the same. It’s art imitating life, so to speak. [via ABS-CBN]

"Kanina nung kinukwento nila, sabi ko love story ko pala ito. Ngayon, 'yung nangyayari sa akin ngayon mismo, 'yung present love life ko talaga ngayon, [ganun yung movie]."

The film, which tells the story of exes figuring out how to be friends after a breakup, is what's going on with Arci and her ex-boyfriend Badi Del Rosario. The Kapamilya actress went on to admit that she was in fact put on the friendzone by her ex, saying:

"Friendzoned na nga ako. Basta huwag na nating pag-usapan 'yung akin, 'yung movie na lang. Kapag napanood niyo 'yung movie, 'yun ang nangyayari sa present ko. Baka umiyak ako eh."

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She added that she isn't sure of whether or not she and Badi can pull it off as friends:"Sa estado ko ngayon, depende. Pero sa ngayon kasi sinasabi nila na kung kaya mo makipagkaibigan sa ex mo, it's either mahal mo pa siya or never mo siya minahal. Sa ngayon, ayaw ko sagutin talaga."

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Surprisingly though, in February, Arci jetted off with her Badi and his family to Brunei, where his father Prince Jefri Bolkiah resides.

Here's Arci posing for a pic with Maxine Medina's family, who were also on vacation in Brunei at that time.

Arci and Badi called off their three-year relationship in December. 

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