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The Arellanos Posted Their Own Mukbang, And Now We're Having Major Cravings

'Now it's coming? Is it now? Right now?' (Hard same, Primo.)
PHOTO: youtube/life with the arellanos

When The Arellanos posted their own version of a mukbang on YouTube, I couldn't click fast enough. Iya and Drew took bbs Primo and Leon to a sushi restaurant because it's cleaning day at home. Iya explained to their eldest that at this place, "when you order food, it arrives on a train."

After that little detail, Primo couldn't sit still: "Is it near? Is it near? Is it near na? It's near." (Hard same.) 

At the restaurant, Primo declares, "I want tempura." Then it cuts to a shot of him frantically looking for the tempura on the menu, and Drew patiently ordering for everyone. 

Of course, Primo didn't forget the fact that the food will come via train: "Now, it's coming? Is it now? Right now? Right now, mama, right now?" And honestly, I'm like this with my mom, and I'm turning 30, so. 

youtube/life with the arellanos
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Look at this child in pure bliss when the train finally arrived:

youtube/life with the arellanos

Before his tempura came, Primo enjoyed some chicken skin, too:

youtube/life with the arellanos
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Watch the rest of the video to see Baby Leon chillin' and Primo tasting edamame for the first time! 

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