Aww, Drew Arellano Posted His First *Official* Family Photo With Iya Villania And Their Kids

Primo and Leon are so adorable!
PHOTO: Instagram/iyavillania

The Arellano family—which consists of Drew Arellano, Iya Villania, and their two kids Primo and Leon—is one of our faves, especially because Iya constantly gives us a glimpse of their life at home through Instagram Stories. 

Iya and Drew tied the knot on

And here's a vid of Kuya Primo singing "Ako Ay May Lobo:" 

We've seen so many cute photos of them together, but not really as a complete family! 

On June 3, Drew ~finally~ posted a snap of all four of them on Instagram! Drew captioned his photo, "Our first official family picture. We tried." It was taken by their family friend, photographer Bendo Chan

Commenters couldn't help but gush at the celebrity family, saying, "I hope my soon to be own family will be like you guys," and "Baby girl naman soon, please! Keeping up with the Arellanos." Some are even asking Drew and Iya to create their own YouTube channel! We would absolutely LOVE that, too. Please make it happen!   

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