Ariana Got Pete's Name Tattooed Above Her Engagement Ring

Love, but make it indelible.
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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are so crazy in love I'm starting to think Beyoncé's literal song "Crazy in Love" is about them even though it was written IN THE PAST.

The pair basically spend their time writing cute comments on each other's Instagram and walking around NYC drinking Starbucks, and now? Now Ariana's taken things up several notches of "I'm obsessed with you" by getting Pete's name tattooed on her finger. And not just any finger. Her ring finger—right above her engagement rock from Pete.

Fans spotted Ariana's new ink thanks to a manicurist sharing a photo of her nails on Instagram. See that cursive "Pete" right above her diamond?

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FYI, this isn't Ariana and Pete's first tattoo rodeo. They have matching cloud tattoos (not to mention "HTGKMO" and "REBORN" tattoos), Pete has Ariana's bunny ears on his HEAD, she has his father's firefighter badge number, and he has an "AG" on his hand. Basically they're covered in scribbles and doodles honoring their love. Like, at this point I'm starting to think I should get a "HTGKMO" tat just to feel included.

Cool, gonna go do that now, bye!


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