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'1521' Producer Claims Bea Alonzo Had 'Unreasonable Demands' During The Filming Of The Movie

Bea's camp criticized the alleged lack of compensation for the movie's talents.
1521 producers claim that Bea Alonzo had unreasonable demands during filming
PHOTO: YouTube/1521 Movie Official, Instagram/1521movie

Bea Alonzo is making rounds online for her statement about her upcoming movie, 1521: The Quest for Love & Freedom.

Ogie Diaz shared in a vlog that the actress' staff reach out to him and shared Bea's reservation about promoting the film. The staff claimed that the 1521 producers did not provide proper care and attention to Bea's team and to the movie's talents. It was also disclosed that some talents were not compensated for the project.

"Kaya raw nag-yes si Bea dahil nga raw maraming pangako 'yung producer—na hindi naman daw natupad," Ogie reported.

According to Ogie, Bea's staff claimed that the actress personally paid for her team's hotel rooms. Moreover, the hotels that were offered did not have bathroom showers.

The film was reportedly filmed in Palawan, giving the film an authentic shot of its nature and beach setting. However, air-conditioned tents were said to have been provided only three days before their last taping day.


The staff detailed that Bea paid for her costume. Bea also reportedly provided drinks, and food for the talents and the rest of the team, instead of the producer.

"Si Bea pa raw ang nagprovide ng tubig at meryenda. Walang service sa mga talents. Naglalakad sila patungong hotel nila kahit gabing gabi na," the showbiz reporter said.

The staff denounced the alleged lack of care and compensation for the film's talents, also saying that some were even injured because they were using real axes or bolos during filming.

"Na-injure pa yung director kasi hindi safe yung way patungong location... Na-injure din yung mga talent kasi yung mga itak na ginamit totoo... Hindi daw bayad ang mga talents. Sinabi pa raw ng producers sa mga talents na 'mag-talent kayo pero walang bayad pero magkakaroon kayo ng chance magpa-picture kay Bea," Ogie mentioned in his vlog.

However, in a statement given to, a representative of the film's producer Francis Ho strongly refuted Bea's claims, point-by-point. The rep asserted that they delivered what was indicated in their contract with Bea, however, she had "unreasonable demands" during the filming of the movie.

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Francis' camp firmly stated that they could show proof that the talents were all paid and that no one was injured during the filming. "All talents were paid. We have payroll receipts from all talents." They also argued that there were dancers who offered their services for free.

"There was no promise of compensation or picture-taking with Bea," the rep clarified.

"Bea had unreasonable demands and expectations not stated in the contract that the producer did not accommodate because it was not agreed upon and/or they were unreasonable," Ho's rep expressed.

The 1521 producer's representative explained that Bea brought additional team members who were not part of the signed contract, hence, the production team did not pay for the extra rooms they needed. The rep also debunked claims that there was no shower in their hotels since they were all staying in high-end accommodations.

It was also mentioned that Bea allegedly refused the production team's tailor to alter her costume for the movie. The rep reasoned that the actress wanted to redesign it according to her style, which is why she ended up paying for it. "She refused to have [her costume] fixed by the production-design-contracted tailor," the rep stated.


Moreover, the rep clarified that an air-conditioned tent was provided three days after they began shooting and that Bea was not the only one providing snacks for the team. But she seemed to have wholeheartedly offered food and drinks for the whole production in some instances.

It was reported that Bea was not obliged to promote the film since it was not included in her contract with the producers. The actress has yet to release a statement regarding the issue publicly.

Along with Bea, Filipina actress Maricel Laxa also starred in the film which will be available in the U.S. on October 2.

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