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Bea Alonzo Explains Why You Won't See Her On Facebook Or Twitter Anytime Soon

But, hey, she has Instagram.

Bea Alonzo is known to be notoriously private despite her movie star status. Unlike most of her peers who are known to have built their personal brand on social media (ehem, Anne Curtis), Bea is practically invisible in the interwebs. The girl doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account, and her Instagram is quite guarded to say the least.

Bea tells ABS-CBN that having an Instagram account (@beaalonzo) is a strategic move on her part, saying, “I keep my private life really private. I only give a part of myself to the public, that's why I never opened a Twitter account and a Facebook account. I only opened an Instagram account because I like looking at pictures and I like posting pictures.”

The actress acknowledges that her IG shows only one facet of her life—her love of traveling. “It's not really sharing too much. It's not really about telling everyone who I am and what I do every day. It's more of posting really nice pictures of my travels.” She stresses that she would want her public image to be based only on her work in film: Kasi mas gusto ko na nakikilala ako through my movies and not through my personal life.”

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She also says no to negativity—her way of stopping the hate. “Kung mapapansin mo sa account ko, wala akong negativity. I only post positive pictures and positive thoughts because 'yun ang gusto kong i-share sa publiko. Sana I can keep it that way.”

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