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Why Didn't The Gerald Anderson-Bea Alonzo Love Team Happen Sooner?!

PHOTO: How To Be Yours/ABS-CBN Star Cinema

Ok, let’s all be honest here. Who found it weird that Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo were paired up for a movie? *raises hands*

These two Kapamilya stars never worked with each other and were part of two very, very popular love teams. Having had a short romance back in 2010, Gerald and Bea admittedly felt awkward when they started filming their first movie project, Star Cinema’s How To Be Yours.

Their on-screen coupling raised more than a few doubts (this editor included) at first. Well, that is, until now.

Just watching the just-released movie teaser made us go, “Wooooow.” I mean, honestly, these two do have chemistry–and a lot of it. And, yup, they look amazing together. See?


UGH. <3

How To Be Yours tells the story of Anj and Nino and how they fell in love at first sight. Even with the overzealous use of the word ‘po’ (like srsly WHEN did it become a term of endearment?) in the teaser, Gerald and Bea’s surprising spark is what makes it ~magical~

P.S. We're looking forward to your next projects, you two! 

 How To Be Yours opens on July 27 and is directed by Dan Villegas

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