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How To Take OOTD Shots While Traveling, According To Bea Alonzo

She’s such a pro!
PHOTO: Sweet Escape via Instagram/beaalonzo

When celebrities travel, trust that they’ll have it well-documented prettily, too. After all, they’re experts in front of the camera, aren’t they?

Let's take a cue from the travel OOTDs of First Love star Bea Alonzo (whose latest movie just happened to be shot in Vancouver!):

    1. The portrait shot

      Find yourself a fancy tiled wall and take advantage of the beautiful outdoor light! Show off your sunglasses and accessories while you're at it.

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    2. The back detail

      You don’t always need to be facing the camera and doing the tip-toe thing. Sometimes, doing the exact opposite—turning your back to the camera and extending your arms rather than your legs—works better (with a breath-taking view as backdrop, of course!).

    3. By the window

      Because you’re surely going to take shots of the view from your hotel room anyway—might as well sneak in an OOTD, too!

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    4. The "caught shopping" shot

      You can’t be traveling and not shopping! Every foreign place you visit surely has its own array of trinkets to check out, and taking a photo while looking at merchandise is a great idea.

    5. Go with the flow

      Gone are the days when we’d wait for every single tourist to pass by just to be able to get a photo—alone—by a popular spot. Make the crowd of people your background and pose like you just ~happened to be passing by~.

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    6. Artsy walls

      Taking photos in front of paintings, drawings, and graffiti art on walls is definitely a thing. Follow Bea’s lead and take a ~walking~ photo in your best travel OOTD!

    7. With the BFF

      Especially if you’re the type who’s *awkward* in front of the camera, consider having a friend join you in the photo!

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    8. The architecture

      When the view around you is just so overwhelming, take advantage of it. Best if you wear your most tailored look to match the architecture! (P.S. plan your outfits in advance!)

    9. The traditional garb

      But of course! What could make a better outfit shot than one with you in traditional garb? Highly recommended!

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    10. The stolen shot

      At the end of the day, being caught enjoying the moment is really the best way to go. It’s partly like a street-style shot kind of thing, partly like a clothing campaign with you as the main star. Go for it.

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