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This Video Of 'Beauty And The Beast' Animated And Live-Action Films Side By Side Will Give You The Chills

Trailer as old as time, get it?
PHOTO: Facebook/moviepilotdotcom

All hail MoviePilot, because their side-by-side comparison of the 1991 trailer for the animated Beauty and Beast next to the new trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beastis magnificent:

The live-action trailer already stole the spotlight from Fifty Shades Darker, becoming the most-viewed trailer ever in the 24 hours following its debut. But as enchanting as that teaser is, MoviePilot's mash-up shows that it isn't all that original after all. In fact, Time points out that it's essentially a "shot-by-shot recreation" of the '91 trailer.

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But, let's be honest, Disney knows what it's doing—Beauty and the Beast was pretty epic the first time around, so why change that much? And no matter how many times you watch this side-by-side video, that transformation will still give you the chills.

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