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Why Are 'Beg-Packers' The Most Hated Tourists In Asia?

Some call it 'white privilege.'

News network France 24 recently did a feature on a "beg-packers." Obviously, the term is a take on "backpackers."

As France 24 explained: "'Beg-packers' is the word sometimes used to describe young Western tourists who play music or sell knick-knacks in the streets of Southeast Asia to pay for their trips or to purchase their ticket back home."

The report noted that "locals have been shocked to see white tourists begging in the streets of Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore to raise money for their travels."

One of the contributors to the France 24 report was Singaporean Maisarah Abu Samah, who spotted two couples who were beg-packers. She took photos of them and posted the images on Twitter.

Both the France 24 article and the images got angry reactions from netizens.

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