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Summa Cum Laude Benjamin Alves Is Once Again GMA's Excellence Awards Ambassador

His story is so inspiring, girls!
PHOTO: Instagram/benxalves

Benjamin Alves was renamed ambassador of GMA Network’s Excellence Awards. It is the fourth year that the actor was named an ambassador for the said effort of the media network. 

The GMA Network Excellence Award honors the achievements of graduating Mass Communication and ECE students by recognizing excellence through the demonstration of their leadership, academic performance, and social responsibility.

In case you weren’t aware, Benjamin inspires in more ways than you could possibly imagine. More than a shot at the spotlight or recognition by his home network, what makes Benjamin absolutely inspiring is his journey to pursue his education at the University of Guam.

Benjamin shares it in his post: “I started college at an unconventional age of 21, when most of my peers were already finishing their undergrad and having careers. My remedial English and Algebra courses (which I took without being awarded credits) really humbled me and showed me that I was really looking up at a mountain. I had no money. I had to work all through college to avoid taking out loans. I got creative: I proofread accounting students’ papers just to have some extra cash. I tutored from 5 to 7 p.m. at a community college as well. I worked at a warehouse and unloaded containers with a forklift; wore a hard hat, back support and gloves to move boxes after boxes of copier and toilet paper.... All of my money went to food and books. I maintained my GPA so my school was free (hence the summa cum laude).”

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Benjamin adds a very encouraging message to his post: “In life, it’s important for people to believe in you, and continue to believe in you, despite your own shortcomings and insecurities; sometimes you’re not always your biggest fan and someone else needs to step in to fill that void. Students, I hope you have been fortunate enough to find your foundation early on in your studies. I hope you have found the reason why you continueRemember, if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will do it for you.”

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Like many CGs who have their mind set on dreaming big and finishing school with flying colors, Benjamin’s is a familiar story. Nonetheless, his tale and journey are nothing short of inspiring. GMA Network and Chairman Atty. Felipe Gozon says that the actor is perfect for the GMA project: “He has been a very appropriate choice dahil sa tunay na buhay, si Benjamin ay hindi lamang artista kundi scholar. Dapat ’yan maging example hindi lamang sa mga artista kundi sa mga estudyante.”

Benjamin’s fellow celebrities are equally impressed with his journey. Actor Tom Rodriguez said: “You are a constant source of inspiration not just for me but countless others out there! More power to you, my brother!” Jasmine Curtis-Smith echoed the same and said, “What a journey @benxalves!” And, Lovi Poe was equally as encouraging and said: “This is amazing, Ben!! Proud of you, Darling!!”

We’re impressed, too. May you continue to inspire excellent students all around, Ben!

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